[WIP] The Cracked Heartstone is a non-member adventure.


In 'Jamma Township'

  1. Head to the trapdoor
  2. Talk to Liza
  3. Find the wrench
  4. Upgrade the wrench
  5. Open the trapdoor
  6. Go down the ladder


  1. Explore the darkness
  2. Find the torch
  3. Light up the underground
  4. Find the Phantom Door and open it
  5. Use boomseeds to defeat the Phantoms
  6. Touch the heartstone
  7. Help the Cobras leave the underground
  8. Talk to Venom


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Treasure Chest Normal mode Hard mode                   
Top Left Aj fanon den item cobra flag Cobra Flag Aj fanon clothing item cobra mask Cobra Mask
Top Center Aj fanon den item phantom banner Phantom Bannner Aj fanon clothing item artificial snake tail Artificial Snake Tail
Top Right Aj fanon den item cracked heartstone statue Cracked Heartstone Statue Aj fanon clothing item venom's armor Venom's Armor
Bottom Left
Bottom Right