Pet Ants are non-member and member pets. Adoption icons can be found at Appondale, Balloosh, and Crystal Sands.


Action Description
Click The pet ant digs a hole, then peeks out and digs another hole out.
Sit The pet ant puts its back legs in front of it, sits down, and puts its front legs on its sides.
Dance The pet ant stands up and spins its front legs clockwise.
Sleep The pet ant sleeps in a hole with its head and front legs visible.
Hop The pet ant bends its front and back legs, then boosts itself up.
Play The pet ant jumps in a bush and eats its leaves, then leaves the bush. The bush regrows its leaves soon after.


Rare Accessories

Items Description
Aj fanon pet ant accessory atenna leaves Antenna Leaves Leaves attach to the pet ant's antenna.
Bent Penny A bent penny rests on the pet ant's head. The penny has a picture of an Arctic Wolf on it.
Chocolate Bar A melting chocolate bar sits on the pet ant's head.
Mini Crane A toy crane follows the pet ant.