Cobras are nonmember animals bought at the diamond shop for 5 diamonds. If it has already been bought, another one can be bought for 1,000 gems.

Default Appearance

  • Body Color 1 (head): Tan/Beige
  • Body Color 2 (scales): Brown
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Eye Type: Evil eyes


The Cobra Heartstone was discovered under Jamaa Township, locked up behind phantom bars. The Alphas took down the phantoms guarding the Heartstone and the Cobras came back to Jamaa. Their Alpha, Venom, got out of the underground prison last, to make sure no phantoms were still in the premises. The area was locked up under a trapdoor near the Mira Statue, and never was opened until the Night of the Phantoms.

The phantoms tried their hardest to open the trapdoor. After many failures and some ripped tentacles, a Phantom King came and pried the door open. The phantoms swarmed the Cobra Heartstone, but Venom was with it and attacked the phantoms. Most phantoms were knocked out, and the rest, including the Phantom King, retreated. Before retreating, a Phantom closed the trapdoor, and left Venom and the Cobra Heartstone underground forever, as only the power equal to a Phantom King can pry the trapdoor open.